Ardent Logic
We are passionate about solving our customers' needs

Ardent Logic provides applications and Information Technology (IT) services to businesses and organizations who need to augment their existing current resources. We improve the management of your IT resources.

Ardent Logic is an experienced web technology and business solutions developing software solutions that solve our client's business' problems and meet their information technology requirements. Our solutions are designed to empower organizations to manage their websites and web applications. These solutions allow any person, regardless of programming knowledge or experience, to manage and customize their website and application easily.


Our product solutions allow our customers to develop a custom web sites and applications without the custom website price. The flexible page templates, not only can display different data different ways, but can configure with your own colors and images to make a truly custom site.

The ALToolkit is a framework to manage the content of your website. It is a Content Management System (CMS). The ALToolkit manages the content of your website with little or no programming experience. There are multiple predefined page templates that can be used to display different content in the site.

The ALRMs is a CRM web framework to manage your customers. It includes project, time, expense, and customer support management. The ALRMs solution include standard reporting tool, in addition to an adhoc query tool that can generate custom report and data set on the fly.

The services provide are the implementation and administration of the ALToolkit; setup and management of customer’s hosted email services; website administration, website and application development; and general technical consulting.

Please check out our product page to see the features of our products. Checkout our clients page to see some of our client's web site. Please contact us if you would like more information about our solutions or if you would like to schedule a demonstration.

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